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J. Johnson
Cost 3900.00 and car wasn't running right!

took my car in, had to have the head gasket replaced. Picked up my car, called as soon as I got home because it wasn't running right. Had to wait over a week (because they were busy) to take the car back to fix it. When I took it back, they told me it was the turbo and they don't do turbos. Thank goodness they don't, who knows how much more it would have been?! It wasn't the turbo, the vacuum lines weren't put back correctly! So I paid them 3900.00 and they didn't get the car running right! Some of the work they did was okay. But make sure it's something easy for them to figure out. That's too bad, because at first I was happy that I (or at least thought I) had found a good mechanic shop.

Krista Brown
That one hose we didn't replace, right!…

Don't take your vehicle to Mac's Automotive! If you do you'll soon be contemplating taking them to court. They deserve a number of negative stars. This isn't a friend or family review but a true customer review. I trusted them to fix our van that never gave us an issue until it over heated once around the corner from my home. We got home & left the van parked until we found a radiator shop, Mac's. We towed the vehicle in. They gave us a quote to redo the radiator. We went through Mac's suggested finance Co. They financed us for $400 over the quote given. Of course once we approved the work to be done all of a sudden we needed $400 more work done. We need our van so we decide to have the work done in Feb. 2023. It runs fine until it doesn't on 6/13/23! We're leaving a family event and the van just sounds terrible! We pull into a gas station & check the radiator the reservoir is bone dry. We buy radiator fluid. As my husband is pouring it into the radiator it is pouring right out the bottom onto the ground. We tow the van to Mac's. We ask them to check their work to see if the issue with the radiator is covered under the warranty. They immediately call and say the engine is shot. It will be $9k for a new engine but they can do the work. They do automotive work. I remind them we brought the vehicle in for them to check the work they did for us ONLY 4 mos ago! But why, they say, the engine needs to be replaced. I said because the radiator should have been perfect since you just replaced it and charged us $2800! Oh ok, they say, sure we'll check it. They come back and say, no this isn't covered under warranty because the bypass hose, that one hose we didn't replace because it looked good, when replacing your radiator, is the hose that burst. I then pull out our final itemized bill and a bypass hose is listed there! I then check the initial quote given us and the bypass hose isn't listed there. The bypass hose was only add when they padded the quote to make the most of our financing we were approved for, in my opinion. So I tell them but you DID replace the bypass hose. It's listed here on the itemized receipt. They then hang up and call back to say oh there are 2 bypass hoses and that's the one we didn't replace when we replaced your radiator. So there is nothing we can do for you under the warranty but if you want to pay us the $9k we'll fix the engine. Oh and pay us now for the engine inspection you never authorized us to do! Also, looking over our statements from Mac's we noticed that our odometer listed on the June bill shows an increase of 2,973 miles. But this is our second vehicle, my vehicle and I work from home so when looking at our odometer we drove less than 200 miles since we initially brought the van in, in Feb 2023. Why list the odometer reading incorrectly on the paperwork? Because they're liars! You know how the saying goes, if they'll, lie, they'll cheat, if they'll cheat, they'll steal, if they'll steal they'll..." Learn from my experience and find yourself another shop. These folks aren't going to help you they are going to help themselves. I had time today.

Do your homework on parts

Do your homework on parts. Recommended parts have needed to be sent back (At my expense), though the sales guy told me 'it would absolutely fit'. These guys focus on sales incessantly, yet discount codes rarely are valid. I'm looking elsewhere for parts and advise on my future resto parts.

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