Each and every one of us has shopped online at least once. It’s convenient, fast and often cheaper than going to a regular shop. Also, the massive number of online stores means you’ll find a wider range of goods than at your nearest mall. Besides, many online stores have handy filters that will help you find the item of a particular color, size, style, power, screen size or any other parameter.

Now that we’ve talked about why you should even consider shopping online, let’s move on.

How can I save even more?

There aren’t too many options, and here are two of them:

  1. Using a coupon or a promo code when you shop (those are virtually the same thing, except coupons have been around for a while now and are mostly accepted at offline shops, restaurants, bars, etc.);
  2. Shopping online with a cashback service. You don’t know what cashback is? Cashback literally means getting some of your cash back every time you purchase something on the Internet. The idea isn’t new and has been around for quite a while.
cashbackhunter - what is cash back?

So, what’s the catch?

None. Shops and services have different ways of spending their advertisement and marketing budgets. Some buy ads on radio and TV, some pay for billboards or flyers, some target a larger online audience… And some choose to simply pay commission to cashback services that bring in actual customers instead of wondering if their latest ad campaign was a success.

How much money do cashback services return?

That will depend on the shop. On AliExpress, for example, it will usually be 3%, cash back from ASOS or Adidas is also 5%. Booking.com gives 3%. Shopping for clothes online will bring you up to 20% of cashback, while buying a smartphone or a tablet will only amount to up to 5% (because of the never-ending demand). Buying anti-virus software, hosting or a domain for your website (i.e. services) can give you 40% back!!!

We can talk about it forever, but isn’t it better to stop hesitating and get registered on a cashback service of your choice and start saving money? After all, a penny saved is a penny earned!

Select the best cashback website

It has never been easier to choose the best cashback online – on CashbackHunter we conducted a thorough shopping portal comparison in order to make the right choice for a number of parameters:

  • Percentage of rebate
  • Minimal payout
  • Withdrawal methods (bank cards, PayPal, cheque, bank account, cell phone or electronic wallets)
  • Availability of coupons and promo codes
  • Extra bonuses (sign-up bonus, special cashback offers and so on)
  • Affiliate program

Keep in mind that cashback on purchases will not affect the price you pay in the store. The principle of the cash back works in such a way that the money is returned to you not by the seller, but only by the cashback provider.

Top cash back shopping portals

At CashbackHunter you will find the list of cash back services offering the most lucrative and attractive discounts in the US (in some stores – even worldwide). You can quickly find the store you want by following a simple system:

  1. Type the name of the store you are interested into the search bar, and our system will show you all rebate offers that store currently features here.
  2. Browse the list of Top deals in each category to find the highest cashback for, let’s say, women’s clothing or children’s merchandise.

After you choose the store to shop in and a cash back site through which you can get a discount, follow the link on our portal to explore all details about that resource and the services it provides.

Cashback is not a myth – it’s real money that you can get back to your account after a certain period to save on shopping or purchase something else. Don’t miss that opportunity, use all possibilities of contemporary cashback providers to spend money wisely. Sign up to our newsletter to always keep abreast with the latest offers and maximum cashback promos.

Cashback is not a myth – it is real money that you can return to your account after a certain period. Don’t miss this opportunity, use all the capabilities of cashback providers to spend your money wisely!

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